Agriculture 0
Animal Husbandry 2
Civil Supplies 40741
Co-Operation 914
Police 363
School Education 5
Stationery and Printing 2
Labour 20587
Commercial Taxes 5
Revenue Dept. and Disaster Manageme 252
Elections 48
Economics And Statistics 12
Electricity 93995
DAT 7741
Department of Drugs Control 6619
Department of Food Safety 5485
Registration 17486
Fisheries and Fishermen Welfare 0
Transport 1144
Excise 1577
Chief Secretariat(Establishment) 0
Total 196978
Use for consumer electricity payments. Do not pay from here.
(Charges Applicable) * Service for SBI e-Pay Successful Challans will be given on T+2 basis.
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Information About GRAS
Finance Department (FD), Government of Puducherry, has decided to receive payments electronically. e-payment is a mode of payment in addition to the conventional methods of payment offered by the Government of Puducherry. The acceptance of on-line payment of Puducherry State's Taxes through the internet portals of various banks have been developed, without having any implication on the existing procedure of the executive and accounting agencies of the Department.To avail of this facility the taxpayer is required to have a net-banking account with any of the banks listed by the government on this site More